Apprenticeship Versus University Degree

Which is Better an Apprenticeship or a Degree?

In recent years, questions have started to be asked about the usefulness and indeed validity of university degrees, when the whole process has been devalued through mass adoption of lower quality degrees and less prestigious universities.

Is a degree still the passport to higher earnings? Is the cost of a three year degree worth the £27,000 investment if you still struggle to get a job in your local fast food restaurant?

With many polytechnics and colleges being reclassified as universities, and providing degrees in a wide variety of different subjects, has the degree lost its Continue reading

How To Rebuild Your Search Engine Traffic

Repair your Search Engine Rankings

Do you know which algorithm has affected your search engine traffic? Google Panda & Penguin are very different beasts and measure different metrics on your site to determine your ranking. April 24th 2012 is the best indication that Google’s off-page Penguin algorithm is the cause of your penalty. If you see a drop in traffic on or around that date, then your linking profile is the cause.

Usually the SERP’s results show the biggest drops for the phrases linked to the most. There is a free back-link checking tool at Continue reading

Clay Pigeon Shooting For Beginners

Clay Pigeon Shooting for Beginners

There are Three Different Styles of Shotgun

The 3 main designs of 12 bore gun are Side by Side, Semi-Automatic and Over and Under.

Side by side shotguns are frequently used by traditional game shooters. On a side by side, the barrels are next to each other.

With over and under shotguns, the barrels are positioned on top of one another. Shooters normally use an over and under gun for Continue reading

Buying Solar Lighting

A Guide to Buying Solar Lighting

Solar powered lighting is more cost effective than ever and is a free way to provide subtle ambient lighting in the garden.

Solar powered lighting is much faster and simpler to install than mains powered lighting. Solar lighting is ideal for inaccessible and remote locations that don’t have a convenient 240 volt supply.

The advances in technological development have Continue reading